Sustainable sound

Sustainable sound

For Lemus, it is important to integrate social, societal and environmental considerations into everything we do. That is why Lemus works with a CSR policy that focuses on good conditions for workers, the environment and ourscommon future.


Lemus Home


In 2018, Lemus won the German Design Award and in 2019 the European Product Design Award for the innovative solution for the home, which is designed, developed and produced in Denmark, in wood from sustainable sources as well as organic and sustainable textile details from Danish Gabriel.

Lemus Home

Good, well-produced, long-lasting design products with the potential to be used for many years also have a positive effect on the environmental footprint. All products in the Lemus HOME collection are therefore designed with a long life cycle and revolutionary electronics, which are continuously updated to the latest technology.

The Lemus HOME collection is software-based, so we can always update your Lemus HOME to the latest technology and make continuous improvements. Lemus also makes a great effort to reduce the sound furnitures power consumption when not in use. Minimal power is used to keep Wi-Fi running, so you can easily and quicklyofplay, but the products go to sleepas soon as they are not in use so we can reduce the use of energy.

Recycling is a major focuspoint within our production and we are constantly working to be able to come up with new innovative solutions that can be recycled as much as possible and included in new life cycle processes. We use recyclable wood from sustainable sources as well as organic sustainable textiles for the Lemus HOME collection, so we can use materials from sustainable sources.

The Lemus HOME collection is designed, developed and produced in Denmark so that we can minimize our CO2 footprint and offer handmade furniture craftsmanship in top quality.


Growing trees netword

Although we already design and produce based on sustainable principles, we believe that you can always do more. That's why Lemus hasin 2019entered into a partnership withGrowing Trees Foundation to give back to nature and the environment.

For every Lemus product that is sold, Lemus plants a tree in the Danish Folkeskove. Read more about our work with Growing Trees below:

By planting trees in the Danish folk forests, we contribute to protecting, restoring and supporting sustainable use of ecosystems on land, promoting sustainable forestry, combating desertification, stopping the depletion of the soil and the loss of biodiversity. At the same time, we help ensure sustainable access and management of water and sanitation for all.

With our donation to the Growing Trees Network Foundation, we are helping to plant new folk forests.

New folk forests contribute to:

  • Ensuring clean drinking water
  • More nature and increased biodiversity
  • Creation of new recreational areas
  • Storage of CO2 and thus counteracting global warming

Say goodbye to ugly, bombastic speakers as well as bad sound and welcome to this new Danish innovative solution for the home, with consideration for the environment.

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