The difference between the 4 sound pieces of furniture

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Which sound piece of furniture should I choose 
This is a question we often get, and I will therefore go in depth with the biggest differences between the three sound furniture Lemus HOME Classic 1800, Classic 1200/1500, Artistic and Piano.

Built on the same amplifier
Lemus HOME Classic, Artistic and Piano are all built on the same extremely powerful 300 watt amplifier with advanced DSP, providing the same award-winning ease of use, streaming options and space correction. No matter which sound piece of furniture you choose, you always get all the following functionalities:
Lemus Home
All audio furniture is one-plug installation, so you do not have to worry about cumbersome connection and meters of cord.
However, there is still a difference in the structure of the sound systems which is as important as I wantelaborate in the next section.
True Hi-fi Vs. experience sound
Lemus HOME Classic and Artistic are built according to true Hi-fi principles, and can therefore be categorized as being in the same family, where Lemus HOMEArtistic is the "little brother" of the Lemus HOME Classic 1200/1500 and the Classic 1800 big brother of the Classic 1200/1500.
Lemus HOME Piano can be categorized as experience sound, which is correspondnde a high-end soundbar with a subwoofer, though with significantly better music playback characteristics than a soundbar.
Lemus HOME Classic 1800
Lemus Classic 1800
Lemus HOME Classic 1800's sound system has been developed as a hybrid design that takes the best of the digital and analog world, and combines it into a groundbreaking speaker design that gives you an audio and movie experience at the absolute highest end of high-end Hi-fi sound quality.
The Lemus HOME Classic 1800 comes with a full 4 x 8 high-end long stroke SB base units (same unit as in the Classic 1500, only with 4 units instead of 2), which together with 2 x specially developed 30mm textile dome tweeter with a powerful waveguide, gives you an eminent dispersion characteristic in the room as well as a better presence in the music and optimized speech intelligibility in film / TV. 
With this revolutionary hybrid design, you will experience an immersive sound experience with music and movies that only the largest and most expensive high-end floor-standing speakers can match. Experience how musical works and action film are brought to life with an extremely powerful and deep bass reproduction as well as an unusually large dynamic range, which Lemus HOME Classic 1800 reproduces with the greatest precision.
Lemus HOME Classic 1200/1500
Lemus classic 1500
Lemus HOME Classic is true Hi-fi and is the most powerful sound piece of furniture in the HOME collection, which with its 2 x 8 "bass / mid tones and 2 x neodymium tweets gives you a sound experience equivalent to two large high-end floor-standing speakers. With lots of volume and air to push with, the Lemus HOME Classic provides the deepest and driest bass in the collection.Lemus Lemus HOME Classic has gradually replaced many Surround Sound systems, as its performance is more than ample for the vast majority of people's need for a competent home cinema. need an external subwoofer, as the Lemus HOME Classic as one of the only in the world can go down to 15hz (the deepest tones we as humans can pick up).

Lemus HOME Artistic
Lemus Artistic
Lemus HOME Artistic is true Hi-fi and is built with 4 x 5 "base units and 2 x High-end Dynamic Range units, which gives you a different sound experience than Lemus HOME Classic. Lemus HOME Artistic delivers a fantastic precise bottom without going on compromise on the high Artistic is the most compact in size but delivers an extremely surprisingly powerful sound that surpasses the Lemus HOME Piano Artistic you also do not need a subwoofer as this also goes down to impressive 20hz.
hifi møbel

Lemus HOME Piano
Lemus Piano
Lemus HOME Piano is built with en massive specially designed long stroke 8-inch subwoofer with extremely powerful driver. Fully utilized, this marvel will move up to 30mm in and out when you safely enjoy your favorite movie or hear amazing dynamic music at home. To match the huge sound pressure from the built-in subwoofer, it has two additional custom satellite speakers on each side of the Lemus HOME Piano. 
With Lemus HOME Piano you will not even notice what comes to you it carries it all in style. The subwoofer and satellites are perfectly timed in the DSP to ensure that performance is optimized for your seating thus no need for further adjustments.. 
Taken together, all this makes for a great sound system for the money that surpasses even the most expensive and most powerful soundbars and subwoofers on the market at the same price and more expensive. You get a more booming bass, which comes into its own when you watch your favorite movie or listen to especially pop, hip hop, funk and house music

What need do I have?
The most important thing is what need you have for sound for the home, and how much money you want to spend.The difference between the three sound pieces of furniture must be found in the very purpose of the individual sound piece of furniture. Lemus HOME Piano is a high-end soundbar with integrated subwoofer, which can set the framework for the perfect home cinema, whereas Lemus HOME Artistic and Lemus HOME Classic can to a greater extent replace your HiFi music system.
Here I review the four sound pieces of furniture and what needs they cover:
Lemus HOME Piano
Lemus HOME Piano is not a traditional soundbar as we know it today, but a mix of the adult sound furniture, Lemus HOME Classic, and a soundbar with subwoofer.Here you get EXTREMELY a lot for your money, and the details are meticulous - both on the furniture but especially also on the sound experience. Our sound engineers have fine-tuned the sound experience, so you get the wildest sound experience comparable to sound systems, where you pay 2-3 times the price -and then you have to go out and buy a Danish designed and produced hifi furniture next door.
By choosing Lemus HOME Piano , you get a plug & play high-end soundbar and subwoofer integrated in a sustainable sound unit, and a sound system that can be compared to much more expensive soundbars and associated subwoofers. Here you really get value for money.
Lemus HOME Artistic
Lemus HOME Artistic is the perfect choice if you appreciate immersing yourself in the music's works with true Hi-fi sound with great dynamics and at the same time want a highly competent home cinema experience without taking up too much space in the home decor.

Lemus HOME Classic 1200/1500
If you need to play a large room, you appreciate revolutionary deep bass, then the Lemus HOME Classic 1200/1500 is the perfect choice for you who want a competent all-round genuine Hi-fi sound furniture.
hifi møbel
Lemus HOME Classic 1800
If you need to play a large room, do you appreciate revolutionary deep bass or do you just want to go all-in on the sound experience at home, then Lemus HOME Classic is the perfect choice for you who want the most competent all-round real Hi- fi sound furniture.
When the best is not good enough: Lemus HOME Classic 1800
The Lemus HOME Classic 1800 is the successor to the successful flagshipLemus HOME Classic 1500/1200 – this new wonder gives you more of it all.
Lemus HOME Classic 1800 is tuned to perfection in a collaboration of music and sound specialists, sound engineers and musicians to create what we believe is the perfect sound experience.
If you want to play a large room, do you appreciate revolutionary deep bass, crystal clear treble or do you just want to go all-in on the sound experience in the home, then the Lemus HOME Classic 1800 is the perfect choice for you who want the most powerful all- round genuine Hi-fi sound furniture.
As you can sense, it is always difficult to describe sound in writing and thus compare. Still, I hope this gave a good feel for our four award-winning sound systems, all of which are being praised to the skies by our sound-loving customers.
The best advice is always to try it out at home in the living room, which is why we offer a 45-day free return policy from the day you receive your new Lemus HOME sound furniture. Then you can sit in your own surroundings in peace and test the sound system thoroughly. If you change your mind, we will come and pick you up completely free of charge, and return your money immediately.

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