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Do you become completely electric by largebombastic speakers and stray wires With the Lemus HOME collection, you get a stylish Hi-Fi setup for your living room, so you can choose what should adorn your living room. 

Life is full of compromises, and one of the most classic occurs when a couple moves in together. Do we need a stylishly decorated living room, or do we need the large speakers so we can hear proper music?

– The streaming wave has outperformed many of the good, old hi-fi systems, but the small, smart design speakers can not play very loud or well. Good sound requires space and large speakers, but we have wrapped them in an incredibly sleek design, so we end up with a sound piece of furniture that sounds as good as it looks, tells Rasmus Kastrup, Lemus.


Soundbar without cable clutter

No more pulling endless cables along the baseboards and making creative solutions tohide wires, TV boxes, internet routers, amplifiers and speakers - Lemus HOME does it all for you, so you can decide for yourself what to put in front and what to hide away.

In the innovative Lemus HOME collection, you will find sound furniture that integrates sound intoonebeautiful Danish design. The new Lemus HOME collection blends seamlessly into your decor and becomes a stylish element in the home. Made in a perfect balance between design and functionality, so you easily and beautifullyable to get quality sound in your home. Lemus HOME offers you wireless High Definition audio with every conceivable streaming service.

Lemus HOME gives you the opportunity to get great and rich sound for your TV without a multitude of cables, soundbars and large speakers that fill the floor. Most homes have a flat screen TV, and the thinner the TV, the less air and space there is to create the great sound experiences. 


Lemus Home Classic

In all the Lemus HOME sound furniture there is created space to pull the wires in from behind so you canhide wires, TV box and cables in the middle room. The Lemus HOME audio furniture is all one-plug installationis, so you do not have to run cables between speakers, amplifier and subwoofer. With one cable in the socket, you are ready to listen to music that fills your home with rich bass and crystal clear tones - then you can only get a smile on your face.

Lyd&billede review

With Lemus HOME you get an exclusive design solution and the best technology, without all the ugly cable clutter.


Lemus Home Artistic

Lemus Home Review

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