Guide: Create your own home theatre

See all the possibilities for your new home cinema in the living room

You are tired of your favorite movies falling to the ground when you turn on the TV and the sound starts to flow out of ultra compact TV speakers that sound like a music box with absolutely no bottom..

You would like to upgrade the sound in your home with a cool home theatre, but the possibilities are many and that is like finding your way around a jungle! Do not despair, I will in this blog go through some obvious choices based on different situations.

SPOILER! Of course, it should be no secret that I am going to mention our own sound furniture as a good solution, but I will still try to relate objectively to other possible solutions for Lemus HOME is not for everyone. 


Quick overview

If you look at the most popular categories in home audio, the following are worth mentioning:

Home theater 


The soundbar is probably the best-selling audio system for your television. Calling it a home theatre would be a significant exaggeration, though, but it's a nice upgrade from the television sound. However, you do not get the great movie experience and soundbars are not made to stream music either. Soundbars will never be able to provide the deep bass, which is one of the most important factors for a great sound and movie experience.


Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Soundbars with Dolby Atmos are now to be found everywhere, and have become a widely used sticker for large manufacturers to use. In short, Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that they have started to build into soundbars to create a feeling that the sound is coming from all sides so you avoid having 5 or 8 speakers standing around the room with wires everywhere. It works by having units placed at an angle in the soundbar that shoot up into the ceiling, out onto the side walls and to the back wall, and therefore reflects the sound around the room.

BUT, because there is one large but, as many consumers have begun to notice. Unless you have the perfect room, where your sofa is perfectly placed in the middle of this room, you will experience a somewhat flat feeling, and the magic will disappear. The perfect room is four walls with equal distance to each wall, a not too high ceiling and the back wall is not too far away. The sofa should be located in the middle of the room. If this is possible in your home, then it can be an exciting solution if you, like 9 out of 10 others, do not have the perfect living room, then you pay a lot of money for a function that will not work as intended. 


Soundbar Subwooferr

Soundbar together with a Subwoofer box that only plays bass is also a very popular solution, as on paper you get both nice high tones from the soundbar and the deep bass from the Subwoofer, which is a must for your favorite action movie. However, there is a HUGE difference in the solutions on the market, as high tones are not just high tones, and bass is not just bass. In this category, price and quality are often linked.. 

However, you should be aware that you must have a square box standing in your living room, and if it is to sound like something, then it is as often too large to be stored under the sofa.

In addition, a Soundbar Subwoofer is still not suitable for playing your favorite music, and not many Soundbars have streaming technologies available such as Airplay2, Cast, Spotify Connect and more. 


Stereo Floorstanding Speakers

The good old floor-standing speakers that we have loved and hated for generations. They still have their place in the home unless the better half has put them in the basement because they take up too much space.

Do you love to sit on a Sunday morning and enjoy your master recordings of your enchanting jazz collection, and will you give it full throttle on James Bond with lots of bass and good dynamics, and are you so lucky that your better half does not care much for decor, wires and large amplifiers or ignores those parts – well, then it's a really nice solution that solves the job.

However, it can quickly become a expensive if you want quality, as again there is a HUGE difference in bass and dynamics from speaker to speaker and the different amplifiers. If you also want your floor-standing speakers to play with your other smart home speakers, or you want streaming options like Airplay2, Cast, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and HDMI to connect the TV then the big wallet must emerge. Do you also want functions such as room correction, so that the sound adapts to the room you are sitting in, you will rarely find solutions for less than DKK 50,000.. 


Surround Sound system

The Surround Sound system was created specifically to act as a home theatre, and will therefore work as the obvious choice. There are many options in all price ranges, and you will be able to quickly and cheaply create a great home cinema experience. Here you can choose between 5.1 or 7.1, where 5.1 is based on six audio sources and 7.1 is based on eight audio sources. The more sound sources placed around your living room, the more detailed surround sound feeling you will get. This solution requires a lot, both from you and your home decor. Surround sound requires many larger sound sources, each of which requires many wires and connections across the board.

So if you do not want a multitude of speakers to take over the interior of your living room, then the option of incorporating speakers and wires in the walls and ceiling is also an option. But surround sound can easily become an expensive and confusing option - especially if you want speakers that really have something to move with.

Surround Sound systems, like Soundbars, are not made to enjoy your favorite music, nor do they have various streaming options or multiroom. Among these, you will also only find room correction among the most expensive Surround Sound systems.

Lemus Artistic 

Lemus HOME

Of course, we have to point out our own Lemus HOME collection, which is a collection of sound furniture with sound quality in true Hi-Fi, created and developed by some of the world's leading sound engineers, who usually develop large floor-standing speakers. Together with Danish designers, we have created a complete sound piece furniture that will function both as an aesthetically Danish designed and produced furniture as well as your new home theatre and music system all without ugly cable clutter, large amplifiers and cumbersome connection.

Lemus home

We have taken the good sound from the floor-standing speakers and integrated it into a unique design, where both amplifier and cables are hidden in the furniture's structure, so you get the fantastic Hi-fi qualities from floor-standing speakers, but do not have to compromise on the decor. In addition, you get every conceivable streaming option such as Airplay2, Google Cast, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth and Multiroom.

Included even HDMI so you can easily connect your TV, without the use of multiple remotes.

Room adapt

Last but not least, you get an advanced room correction, so the sound will adapt to the room it is in, so you can wave goodbye to poor acoustics regardless of the conditions in your home.

Lemus HOME is a stereo sound piece furniture, which means that there are two sound sources that send the sound out into your living room. Well, two sound sources are not suitable as a home cinema, as a Surround Sound has six or eight sound sources 

That's fine if it's been a regular pair of stereo speakers but it's far from it!

Using our advanced quad core DSP a minicomputer, we can create a huge bass experience and go all the way down to 15hz with the Lemus HOME Classic, which is the absolute deepest bass that we humans can pick up. And down to 20hz with Lemus HOME Artistic and Piano. So you do not need a separate subwoofer to get the perfect bass experience.

In addition, the sound system is designed to make the walls around to also "play", which creates a feeling that you are at the center of the movie experience.. 

We have chosen to spend all development money on extremely deep bass, timbre and dynamics for both music and film experiences, instead of Surround Sound effects with disappointing bass, poor timbre and no dynamics.



As you can probably read, your future solution will depend on your specific needs as you have the home. If you just want a little upgrade from the television, then the Soundbar is a really good solution.

If you want to go all-in with the wildest home cinema in the basement with speakers, subwoofer and wires everywhere is not a problem, then a complete Surround Sound system is inevitable.

If, on the other hand, you want a Danish-produced and designed complete sound piece of furniture, where you can store all your cables, TV box, Wifi router etc. away, and you want a sound system that can be used both as your home cinema and your new music system, then the Lemus HOME collection is a really good choice.


Best of luck looking for your next home audio upgrade.

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