Lemus HOME:From idea to product

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Danish designed, developed and produced hifi and sound furniture

Every single Lemus HOME hifi and sound piece of furniture is designed to last for many years and thought through down to the smallest detail. Lemus' designs have been developed, tested, tested and are the result of thousands of hours of hard work, where it has been through many people's hands before it reaches your home - and the hands are Danish.

In addition to ensuring Danish top quality, Lemus' products are also designed, developed and produced in Denmark to create Danish jobs and support Danish society.

A process with many people behind it

The process of your new hi-fi and sound furniture usually starts in the late hours with our CEO & founder, Rasmus Møller Kastrup, when he gets a good idea for a new product, design or concept. We further develop the small ideas in our team, then Rasmus Møller Kastrup starts with the design, after which our furniture architect starts with production drawings. At the same time, our team of Danish sound engineers is working on the technical - which devices do we need, which sound experience do we want to create and how do we ensure that we deliver an uncompromising sound experience and a reproduction of musical works as the artist had intended. Our team of sound specialists, designers, speaker carpenters, cabinetmakers and upholsterers then prepares a prototype. Sometimes many prototypes are needed, and other times it quickly sits right in the closet.

Once the prototype is approved, the trip continues to fine-tune the sound experience, which ensures that you get the best sound experience no matter if you are listening to music or if you are watching the greatest cinematic works. Even before the production of your hifi and sound furniture, many hands, ears and eyes have passed by.

Unlike many other audio brands, we have music specialists and music lovers as a regular part of our sound tuning, which means that our sound furniture not only measures correctly for the sound engineer, but that it actually also sounds lively and alluring in reality - like when you stand on first row for your favorite concert. This is the music experience we are trying to recreate.

We work with the most skilled sound specialists and cabinetmakers and upholsterers who have refined their craftsmanship for generations. Our sound furniture is designed, developed and produced in Denmark by cabinetmakers, who ensure you furniture craftsmanship in the best quality, where even the smallest detail is polished by hand.

We only work with the best in their field, which helps to ensure that we recycle excess materials so that together we can take care of the environment and exclusively put our imprint in the interior design of your home.

We use wood from sustainable forestry, which is FSC-certified and ensures that the wood comes from legal sustainable forestry where a new tree is planted for each felled, and nature and the working conditions of the workers are taken care of. The wood is hand-picked and carefully inspected to ensure high quality that can live for many years. Every time we sell a Lemus HOME sound piece of furniture, we plant another new tree in the Danish folk forests.

We usesustainable textiles from Danske Gabriel which provides a fascinating interplay of contrasts in the non-directional structure. The fabric is 100% Trevira CS with fire retardant properties and is without heavy metals. Our textiles are EU eco-labeled, meet everyoneFurniture facts requirements and is STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX, which ensures that no hazardous chemicals are used in production and you only get the best quality. 

Once we start the production of your hifi and sound furniture, the hands here are quickly doubled. One team produces the speakers, one team produces the furniture and one team upholster speaker frames and cabinet doors. It is assembled, polished, oiled, tested, updated EQ and packed in boxes before the trip to our warehouse. From our warehouse, your new hi-fi and sound furniture is picked up, packed and delivered by new people before it finally hits your living room. If you subsequently have problems, questions or the like, there is of course also a support team to help you quickly and smoothly.

As you can read, we at Lemus would rather focus on quality than quantity, and ensure that you can count on us and our product all year round. We believe in good, well-produced, long-lasting design products with the potential to be used for a lifetime. All products in the Lemus HOME collection are designed with a long life cycle and revolutionary electronics, which can be continuously updated to the latest technology without having to replace the entire furniture and speakers.

So when you buy a Lemus HOME sound piece of furniture, remember that the price does not just reflect the cost prices of the various raw materials. But reflects that all designs are made of good, solid and environmentally friendly materials, and that the women and men in Denmark who are behind the products - no matter if it is in the development, design or production phase, have good pay and working conditions. And we will never compromise on that.

On average, there are 13 Danish women / men who have had a hand in the process of producing and delivering your new Lemus HOME sound furniture.

Fixed Price - all year round

We value loyalty and trust, and therefore we have the same prices and the same quality all year round, so you can buy your new hi-fi and sound furniture with peace of mind.- without fear it comes at a discountedenafter.

That is why we have chosen to offer the best price possible on our Lemus HOME hi-fi and sound furniture, so that we can have full transparency and security.

So when you buy a Lemus HOME sound piece of furniture, you also know that the resale value holds - no matter if you spread the price out over many years, or if you want a new Lemus HOME hifi and sound piece of furniture and therefore choose to sell your Lemus HOME on to a new one. owner.

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