Lemus HOME Piano or Lemus HOME Classic?

What should I choose 

We here explain the difference between our award-winning statement product, Lemus HOME Classic and our new affordable alternative, Lemus HOME Piano.

We review here, briefly and precisely what the difference between the two sound pieces of furniture is, so you can find out what best suits your needs.


The amplifier is the same

The amplifier, which is a crucial part of our award-winning collection, is the same in the Lemus HOME Piano and Lemus HOME Classic. This means you get the same streaming options such as Google Cast, Apple Airplay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and Multiroom. In addition, you also get access to our advanced room correction, as our IOS app also works for Lemus HOME Piano. In addition, you also get HDMI ARC, so you can easily connect the TV without the use of several remote controls.

At the same time you still get lots of power with its 300 watts, and with the advanced Quard Core DSP, you can tune the Lemus HOME Piano in the same way as the Lemus HOME Classic, and create a sound system where all elements and components are corrected to each other and the environment they are sitting in.


The sound system is built differently

Although the amplifier means a lot, the whole structure of the sound system and the choice of devices also means a lot.

Lemus HOME Classic is built according to true High-end / Hi-Fi principles, where the transition between the high and deep tones are perfectly balanced. This is also where you find the revolutionary deep bass that goes all the way down to 15hz.

Lemus HOME Piano, on the other hand, is developed to provide a dedicated and captivating sound experience, where we hit a high-end soundbar and subwoofer in terms of sound. Here, both are simply built into the design as part of the piece of furniture, with the same option to store cables and other electronics away, just like the Lemus HOME Classic.

Although the Lemus HOME Piano "only" goes down to 20hz, some will find that you actually get a more rumbling bass experience with the Lemus HOME Piano, as we give it a little nod to the bass. However, you do not get the exact same extreme deep and precise bass as with the Lemus HOME Classic.

Lemus HOME Classic and Lemus HOME Piano are built in two very different ways, and are therefore difficult to compare. What they both have in common, however, is that they have been developed by some of the world's leading High-end sound engineers, so no matter what you choose, you will be extremely pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, and you are guaranteed a sound experience beyond the ordinary.

The Design and materials

Sound is always a matter of taste, which can be difficult to define and discuss. Design and materials, on the other hand, are very tangible.

Lemus HOME Piano is designed to be used primarily under television as a media piece of furniture / media soundbar. It is lovingly hand-painted and produced in Denmark, where we have made the selection simple - matt white or black, and with a black fabric front. Two color choices that will fit into the vast majority of Scandinavian homes.

If, on the other hand, you want a wooden look and a sound piece of furniture that can be used in several different places in the home, then Lemus HOME Classic is a good choice, as it is designed in premium wood, and with many different wood and color combinations - also handmade in the absolute best materials and organic fabric from Danish Gabriel.



Whether Lemus HOME Classic or Lemus HOME Piano is the right choice, therefore, depends on what you use it for, which sound you prefer and whether the selected model fits into your interior. There is huge "value-for-money" in both models.

When buying a Lemus HOME sound piece of furniture, you always have a 45-day free return policy and a 3-year guarantee, so you can try it out at home without risk before you make a serious decision.