Bolia x Lemus

A fusion of aesthetics and sound experiences


Lemus HOME achieved great success among design and sound lovers in Scandinavia and Europe in a short time, when Lemus launched its first piece of furniture back in 2018.

After 4 years of developing both design and sound, Lemus reached its goal with its most ambitious collection ever, which has won both several design awards and 6 star sound reviews.

Underlying this collection is a desire to bring the true Hi-Fi sound back to the homes - in a completely new and redefined way that is in line with the demands of the technological wave.

The Hi-Fi sound has been replaced by small compact smart speakers that, due to their great ease of use, have replaced large outdated systems that have failed to keep up with Smart Home technology in recent years.

Lemus HOME has managed to combine the true Hi-Fi sound with the most advanced and user-friendly Smart Home technologies of the time, in a fusion of aesthetics and Danish design.

With Bolia x Lemus - Luxe Soundsystem, we have created a whole new category of sound for the home, which will revolutionize the way you think interior design and sound, and bring two worlds together without compromising.



The sound system that surprises

Despite the extremely compact and minimalist size, the Luxe Soundsystem will give you a unique sound experience with a crystal clear top and enormous deep bottom. The sound system is created on the same amplifier as the award-winning Lemus HOME Classic, so you get the same ease of use and world-class features.
The sound system consists of a huge powerful subwoofer with an 8 "bass unit, with extra long travel which the amplifier utilizes beyond its normal limit. In addition, 2 x high-end full tones stand to deliver the crystal clear high tones, which together with the bass, are developed for to create the perfect balance transition via the advanced built-in Quard-Core DSP.

Unique movie and music sound

Luxe Soundsystem is not only created to give you a unique movie experience - it is unlike other soundbars, at the same time your new music system in the home, where you can easily and seamlessly wirelessly stream your favorite music in absolute top class.
Luxe Soundsystem comes with built-in HDMI with Audio Return Channel ARC. Then you just need to pull a single HDMI cable between the Luxe Soundsystem and your TV to get top quality digital TV sound with volume control from your existing TV remote control. It all runs completely by itself without cumbersome setup, including auto-on / off. It does not get easier to get TV sound in brilliant Hi-Fi quality.

Multiroom and streaming

Luxe Soundsystem has been developed on Google Cast and Apple Airplay2, which gives you ample opportunity to make multiroom sound with virtually all sound manufacturers out there, such as B&O, Sony, Bose and many more. In addition, with an Apple TV you can stream TV sound wirelessly to Luxe Soundsystem with Airplay2.

The sound adapts to your space

Luxe Soundsystem has been developed with advanced room correction technology, so that the sound can adapt exactly to the room you have placed the sound furniture in. Gone are the days of poor acoustics - Luxe Soundsystem gives you an excellent sound experience regardless of the conditions.



High Definition 24bit / 192Khz

Amplifier: 4-channel HiFi, 300 watts

Bass: 1 x High End long-excursion 8 "

2 x High End full tones

Frequency response: 20-25,000 Hz / - 3dBB
(Revolutionary deep bass)

Powerful Quard-Core DSP

Room correction via Lemus HOME iOS app

Optical / Analog






Google Cast Audio

Google Cast multiroomm)

Apple Airplay 2