The difference between the four sound furniture

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Årets gave til den designbevidste musikelsker

This year's Christmas present for the design-conscious music lover

Christmas is a time filled with joy and anticipation, when we strive to choose the perfect gift for our loved ones. This year you don't have to look any further, because we present you with Lemus Life - the ultimate combination of light and sound in a minimalist Danish design. If you're looking to surprise someone with a unique and functional gift, read on as we explore all the great features Lemus Life has to offer.

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Soundbar med subwoofer

Soundbar with subwoofer

We all know that feeling when we've finally got our brand new flat screen TV home, and we're looking forward to the big movie night. But one is quickly disappointed at how the TV sound does not deliver the same...

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Lemus HOME: Fra idé til produkt

Lemus HOME: From idea to product

Danish designed, developed, and produced Hi-Fi and sound furniture Each and every Lemus HOME Hi-Fi and sound furniture is designed to last for many years and is well thought out down to the last detail. Lemus' designs are developed and...

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Lemus home classic

The genius behind the Hi-Fi furniture

Lemus HOME Hi-Fi Furniture Are you one of those who are a little extra curious about the genius line behind the Lemus HOME sound furniture, or do you need to get the fine technical details with? So read on here,...

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hifi møbel

The sound of Lemus

“If you ignore the design virtues for a moment and consider it as a combined set of active wireless speakers, you get a lot of sound for your money. And last but not least, it is all wrapped up in a piece of Danish furniture craftsmanship, which in itself could cost the bulk of the price but here can be considered a free bonus..”

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Guide: Skab din egen hjemmebiograf-lemus-home

Guide: Create your own home theatre

See all the possibilities for your new home cinema in the living room You’re tired of your favorite movies falling to the ground when you turn on the TV and the sound starts to flow out of ultra compact TV...

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Bæredygtig lyd

Sustainable sound

Sustainable sound We work with the most skilled sound specialists, cabinet makers, and upholsterers who have refined their craftsmanship for generations. Our sound furniture is designed, developed and produced in Denmark by cabinet makers, who ensure you that the furniture...

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The magic room correction in the Lemus HOME collection

The advanced room correction gives you a magical listening experience - regardless of the conditions Experience how the listening experience will be significantly improved with a single tap on our Lemus HOME app and you will experience how poor space...

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Multiroom for begyndere

Multiroom for beginners

What is Multiroom? Not everyone is fully aware of what the term Multiroom entails - therefore we will go in-depth with what multiroom really is. A Multiroom system is a network of interconnected speakers in the home, which allows you...

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