We all know that feeling when we've finally got our brand new flat screen TV home, and we're looking forward to the big movie night. But one is quickly disappointed at how the TV sound does not deliver the same class as the TV picture. The soundscape comes from small speakers in the TV and there are no deep bass tones to give life to the room.

Fortunately, there is a way where you can easily create a completely different sound experience, where there are both crystal clear tones and dynamic deep bass so you can really feel the great film works. Many choose the solution with a soundbar and an external subwoofer. This solution can in many cases become a complicated and expensive solution. Which soundbar and subwoofer fit together? How should it be set up in the home? What wires do I need to connect it? These are many of the questions that come up.

Lemus Piano

The sound behind the soundbar

Lemus HOME Piano gives you a complete solution with 2x high-end full tones and a massive specially designed longstroke 8 subwoofer integrated, so you get rid of clumsy soundbars under the TV and large subwoofer boxes tucked away behind the sofa with lots of wires. With Lemus HOME Piano you get LOTS of power that few soundbars with their subwoofer can match. The driver of the Lemus HOME Piano is so powerful and potent that it takes two full amplifiers to take full advantage of the performance from it. Fully utilized, this marvel will move up to 30mm in and out as you confidently enjoy your favorite movie. The subwoofer and satellites are perfectly timed in the DSP to ensure that performance is optimized for your seating thus no need for further adjustments. 

Behind the discreet Danish design is a 4-channel 300 watt amplifier which ensures that you get the best sound experience. Lemus HOME Piano provides a frequency response of20-25,000 Hz, which is very unique compared to other solutions in the same price range. Lemus HOME Piano thus gives you lots of sound for the money, and you even get a Danish designed, developed, and produced piece of media furniture in the price.

Lemus HOME Piano has the acclaimed finely developed DSP-based Lemus HOME amplifier which offers a wealth of streaming options, and provides access to the Lemus HOME space correction and app.

In addition to creating extraordinary movie experiences, Lemus HOME Piano, unlike other soundbars, is also a music system that you can easily and wirelessly use to stream all your favorite music. This does not require any difficult setup, just that you have a smartphone at home.

Lemus HOME Piano comes with built-in HDMI (ARC), Bluetooth, AUX and Optical / Analog, SpotifyConnect, GoogleCast, Apple AirPlay and supports Hi-res audioHigh Definition 24bit / 192Khz. All you need, therefore, is to just pull an HDMI cable from the TV and Lemus HOME Piano, and then you are completely ready to receive Tv-sound digitally and in top quality. This entire setup can be used using your normal TV remote control. If you are into Apple TV, you can also stream the TV sound wirelessly between your Apple TV and your Lemus HOME Piano.

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