Is there a warranty?

Lemus provides a 3-year guarantee on our entire Lemus HOME collection.

Each and every Lemus HOME piece of sound furniture is designed to last for many years and is well thought out down to the last detail. Our designs are developed, tested, proven and are the result of hundreds of hours of hard work, passing through many people's hands before reaching your home. Every part of the design and process aims to create sustainable products that are designed and manufactured to last. That is why you of course also get a 3-year warranty when you buy one of our sound furniture.

How good is the sound compared to other speakers?

Lemus HOME is a technological breakthrough, developed by the world's leading high-end/Hi-Fi sound engineers who normally only develop for high-end brands.

Developed with a quad-core DSP (mini computer), we can push the limits of what is normally possible in old music systems. With our advanced DSP, dedicating one computer to each channel, we can utilize the speakers like never before, pushing them beyond their natural limits without distorting the sound.

In short, the units and construction of Lemus HOME are something you usually only find in the most expensive high-end audio brands.

Lemus HOME Classic and Lemus HOME Artistic have both received top marks from Sound & Image and are specially recommended.

Lemus home classic - Lyd og billede

"The sound quality alone is worth the money, but you also get room correction and fine-quality furniture craftsmanship" - John Alex Hvidlykke, Sound & Image


Lemus HOME Artistic review - Anmeldelse - Lyd & Billede

"Terrific sound, much better than any soundbar we've heard. Nice furniture craftsmanship as well as room correction and everything you need from streaming optionsr" -Geir Gråbein Nordby, Sound & Image (Norway)


Does Lemus HOME Sound furniture have Dolby Atmos?
No. We have chosen to make a fantastic Hi-Fi system, and spent all the money on making a revolutionary stereo sound system, rather than spending a lot of money on Dolby Atmos stickers, which anyway do not have the desired effect if you do not have the perfect room.

What is the shipping cost and how long is the delivery time??

We offer kerbside delivery throughout Europe and delivery is 1-5 working days*

*Reservations are made for factors that are out of Lemus' hands, such as e.g. delays with external partners, with customs or the like.

Shipping prices:

Lemus offers free shipping on all orders that contain one of our Lemus HOME sound furniture.

Do you buy smaller products such as Lemus Life, Steel frame, cables or other accessories then the shipping prices are:

Denmark: DKK 39,-
Outside Denmark: DKK 80,-

Do I have to be at home for delivery? 

Yes, you must be at home for delivery. We deliver free of charge to the curb, and if you are not at home at the time of delivery, you have the option of paying for re-delivery, or picking up yourself at the nearest terminal.

Does the price include VAT/Taxes for e.g. Norway?

Yes. The price of all sound furniture includes VAT and taxes to Norway.

Lemus sends all sound furniture/orders including a sound furniture as DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), which means that we have taken care of all costs for customs and other taxes to Norway or shipments outside the EU in advance.

Do you buy accessories separately, such as cables then VAT is not included, so make sure you have everything you need before ordering.

VAT is NOT included on smaller products and accessories such as Lemus Life, Lemus HOME remote, Lemus HOME steel frame and similar. 

Where can I get the Lemus HOME manual?

If you have lost your Lemus HOME manual, you can retrieve it here:

Manual - Download here

Can I play music in multiple rooms??

Lemus HOME comes with Google Cast and Apple AirPlay 2 which allows you to stream music throughout your home and to your current speakers with Google Cast or Apple AirPlay 2. Download the Google HOME App and you will be able to control sound (and multiroom), light and much more. More and more major audio brands have built-in Google Cast or Apple AirPlay 2, so they can play together with Lemus HOME (Among other models from B&O, Bose, JBL etc.)

Can I connect Lemus HOME to SONOS?

Yes, with a Sonos Port you can connect Lemus HOME to your existing Sonos set-up.

Can I connect my TV?

Lemus HOME comes with an HDMI (ARC) input that makes it easy and quick to connect to your TV. Connect an HDMI cable from Lemus HOME to your television and you will now experience excellent cinema sound at home in the living room. All the hassle of multiple remote controls is gone, as you can turn up and down with your normal TV remote control.

Do I need more remote controls??

Basically no. Lemus HOME has been developed specifically for the smart home, which means that if you press Play on your smartphone, Lemus HOME will automatically stream your music, and if you start a movie on your TV, Lemus HOME will automatically switch to the TV. Lemus HOME is always on standby, ready to play your favorite music or movie. All you have to do is simply set up your Lemus HOME on your Wi-Fi.

If you want to connect a record player, CD player or similar via AUX/optical input, then you must use our Lemus HOME remote to change the signal, as the connected device does not have WiFi and can therefore be connected directly and wirelessly to your Lemus HOME.

What do I do with cables from e.g. TV?

A small hole has been made on the back plate of Lemus HOME, so you can create a clean and nice set-up at home, without all the unsightly cable clutter. There is even a small rounding made on the top plate, so that you can lead the cable from the TV down to the furniture, and at the same time push the furniture completely up from the wall.

Can I choose the colors of the front fabric and veneer myself??

The Lemus HOME collection is made to fit into your home. This means that you can adapt the design to your style and decor. On our Lemus HOME Classic you can choose between 3 different types of wood and fabric fronts: Wild Oak, Black ash or American walnut - and Beige, Black or Grey fabric fronts from Danish Gabriel, which is organic and certified. On our Lemus HOME Artistic you can choose between wild Oak, Black ash or American walnut with Black organic textile. Lemus HOME Piano available in white with Black organic textile and the new Piano V2 is available in 4 different colors in sustainable materials with a Black fabric front.

All of our sound furniture comes with wall brackets as standard, but you can also purchase our popular, classic Steel frame.

Can the sound from Lemus HOME really adapt to the room?

Yes! With advanced spatial correction technology, Lemus HOME can adapt to exactly the room you have placed the furniture in. You will experience a much sharper bass and treble after the adaptation. Download our Lemus HOME app for IOS and follow the instructions.

How the space correction works?

The room correction only needs to be done once, and this is done via our Lemus HOME app for IOS, which is available in the App Store.

Lemus HOME Room Correction will analyze the room and make up for huge bass traps - both if there is an intrusive booming bass or if the room numbs the bass.

In both cases, Lemus HOME Room Correction will go in and adjust the bass/midrange up or down and create the perfect sound image in your kitchen, living room, living room or bedroom.

Can Lemus HOME be hung on the wall?

As standard, all of our Lemus HOME sound furniture is made to hang on the wall with the included brackets.

Who developed Lemus HOME's sound system?

Lemus HOME has been developed by some of the world's leading high-end sound engineers with backgrounds from e.g. Dynaudio.

What units are there in Lemus HOME?

Lemus HOME is developed with specially developed high-end devices, developed specifically for each individual sound system. Among other things from Denmark SB Acoustics.

Can I connect my record player, CD player etc?

Yes, Lemus HOME can be connected to almost all analogue devices, including your record player, CD player etc. Just remember to purchase our Lemus HOME remote, which is necessary when connecting e.g. record player and CD player. In addition, your record player must have a built-in RIAA or, alternatively, you must buy an RIAA amplifier. You can find the setup guide here: Setting up the record player for Lemus HOME

What is Lemus' approach to sustainability 

Good, well-produced, long-lasting design products with the potential to be used for many years also have a positive effect on the environmental footprint. All products in the Lemus HOME collection are therefore designed with a long life cycle and revolutionary electronics, which are continuously updated to the latest technology.

We work with the most skilled sound specialists, and cabinetmakers, and upholsterers who have refined their craft over generations. Our sound furniture is designed, developed and produced in Denmark by cabinetmakers, who provide you with world-class furniture craftsmanship, where even the smallest detail is finely polished by hand.

We only work with the best in their field, who help to ensure that we recycle excess materials so that together we can take care of the environment and only leave our mark in your home's interior design.

We use wood from sustainable forestry, which is FSC certified and ensures that the wood comes from legally sustainable forestry, where nature and the workers' working conditions are taken care of. The wood is hand-picked and carefully examined to ensure high quality, which can last for many years. Every time we sell a product, we plant a new tree.

We use sustainable textiles from Danske Gabriel which provides a fascinating interplay of contrasts in the non-directional structure. The textile is 100% Trevira CS with fire-retardant properties and is free of heavy metals. Our textiles have the EU environmental label, meet all requirementsMöbelfakta requirements and is STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX, which ensures that no dangerous chemicals are used in production and you only get the best quality. 

For Lemus, natural quality materials equal a long life if we just take good care of it. You can read everything about maintenance and care of your Lemus HOME here.