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Specially recommended:Lemus HOME Artistic

6 out of 6 stars in Sound & Vision

& quot; You can not find any soundbar on the market that sounds as good as Lemus Home Artistic. It creates something special visually, and at the same time it is worth the whole price in sheer sound quality & quot;

Sound & Picture

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6 out of 6 stars for the Lemus HOME Classic

“If you ignore the design virtues for a moment and consider it as a combined set of active wireless speakers, you get a lot of sound for your money. And last but not least, it is all wrapped up in a piece of Danish furniture craftsmanship, which in itself could cost the bulk of the price but here can be considered a free bonus..”

Technological breakthrough in Danish design

The Lemus HOME collection is a technological breakthrough, and can best be described as a groundbreaking new category for sound in the home. The collection is designed, developed and produced in Denmark.

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