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Recommended room size
10-120 m²

Speaker configuration
4 x
2 x

4-channel HiFi, 300 watts

Frequency range
15 - 25,000 Hz +/- 3dB

Advanced sound features
Powerful Quad-Core DSP
Supports High Definition 24bit / 192Khz

Advanced room correction
Presets available and customizable in the Lemus iOS app


With the Lemus HOME Classic 1800's length and the revolutionary construction, which, together with the specially designed dome tweeter and waveguide, gives you the optimal conditions for a dynamic stereo perspective. In practice, this means a sound stage that feels and is experienced as if you were sitting in the front row at a concert with your favorite band and with an impressive wide soundstage and stereo effect as a result.

Furthermore, the 4 x 8" powerful long stroke bass units provide just the right physicality" punch" in the chest, which completes the live sound experience where you sit as the center of the concert/action film.

Lemus HOME Classic 1800 plays 6db higher in the entire range from 30hz and up compared to Lemus HOME Classic 1500/1200. In practice, this means 50% higher.

The 30mm powerful textile dome tweeter with a specially designed waveguide provides, in addition to an optimized dispersion characteristic, an optimal off-axis power response. A 30mm vented voice coil in a damped closed cabinet provides a low resonant frequency as well as ultra-low distortion, enabling 2nd order x-over at 2150hz, which integrates perfectly with the 4 x large 8” natural paper/fibre woofers, creating an extremely precise and powerful bass reproduction.

All powered by the advanced 300 watt class D amplifier with quad-core DSP that allows you to have 100% control over all units and push each one beyond their normal limit - without the slightest distortion. Here, artefacts and other irregularities that normally occur with speakers in furniture/racks are also compensated for - which gives a sound experience as if the speakers were standing free and playing in the room.

The Lemus HOME Classic 1800 is tuned to perfection in a collaboration of music and sound specialists , sound engineers and musicians to create what we believe is the perfect audio experience.

Dive even deeper into the technical genius here:


  • Optical / Analogue
  • HDMI (ARC)
  • Wi-Fi 5
  • Spotify-connect
  • Tidal
  • Google Cast Audio
  • Google Cast multiroom
  • Apple AirPlay2
  • Bluetooth

Rasmus Møller Kastrup, Lemus



31 kg

D 340 x W 1500 x H 262 mm
With frame:
D 340 x W 1500 x H 605 mm
Storage space:
850x243x320 mm

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Danish design and furniture crafts

Sublime sound experiences and Nordic minimalism are merged in this elegant sound furniture, which is designed, developed and produced in Denmark in exclusive and sustainable materials.

Great film and music experiences

Experience how musical works and the action film are brought to life with an extremely powerful and deep bass reproduction as well as an unusually large dynamic range, which Lemus HOME sound furniture reproduces with the greatest precision.

Easy and fast setup

Lemus HOME sound furniture all comes with one-plug installation, so you don't have to worry about difficult connections and meters of cable.

All Lemus HOME audio furniture is built on the same extremely powerful 300 watt amplifier with advanced DSP, providing the same award-winning ease of use, streaming capabilities and room correction. Regardless of which audio furniture you choose, you always get these functionalities:


Experience how the listening experience will be significantly improved after you, with a single tap on our Lemus HOME app, will experience how poor room conditions and acoustic challenges become redundant in the pursuit of a more vivid and engaging listening experience.

We are extremely proud of this feature that makes Lemus The HOME collection for far more than "just" speakers in a piece of furniture.

Developed in collaboration with the world's leading sound and acoustic engineers, Lemus HOME Room Correction comes with all our sound furniture. Extremely advanced technology - extremely easy to use via the Lemus HOME app (Only available for IOS).

Great film and music experiences

Let Lemus HOME sound furniture seduce you with crystal-clear vocals and an extremely deep bass that can be felt throughout the body, and create an engrossing film and music experience without compromising on the interior of the home.

Lemus HOME sound furniture is not only created to give you a unique movie experience but also create to replace your old music system at home, where you can easily and seamlessly wirelessly stream your favorite music in absolute world class.

Shipping and delivery

We offer curbside delivery to all of Europe and delivery is 1-5 business days**Reservations are made for factors that are out of Lemus's hands such as e.g. delays with external partners, with customs or the like.

Test risk-free

At Lemus HOME, you always get a 45-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty with your purchased product. This means that you can unpack your new Lemus HOME - test and test it - and check whether it meets your expectations. If this is not the case, you can send it back and get your money back.

How good is the sound compared to other speakers?

The Lemus HOME Piano cannot be compared directly with other speakers, but can best be described as an extraordinarily powerful soundbar with an integrated subwoofer. It has been reviewed and recommended by, among others, Lyd & Billede. You can read all reviews of our products here

Can I connect Lemus HOME with SONOS?

You can connect to Sonos devices via a Sonos port or via Apple AirPlay2

Does Lemus HOME sound furniture have Dolby Atmos?

No. We have chosen to make a fantastic Hi-fi system, and spent all the money on making a revolutionary stereo sound system, rather than spending a lot of money on Dolby Atmos stickers, which anyway do not have the desired effect if you do not have the perfect room.

Does the price include VAT/Taxes for e.g. Norway?

Yes. The price of all orders with a sound unit included includes VAT and taxes to Norway.

Lemus sends all sound furniture/orders including a sound unit as DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), which means that we have taken care of all costs for customs and other taxes in advance to Norway or shipments outside the EU.

Do you buy accessories separately, such as cables then VAT is not included, so make sure you have everything you need before ordering.

VAT is NOT included on smaller products and accessories such as Lemus Life, Lemus HOME remote, Lemus HOME steel frame and similar.

Can I connect my record player, CD player etc.?

Yes, Lemus HOME can be connected to almost all analogue devices, including your record player, CD player etc. Just remember to purchase our Lemus HOME remote, which is necessary when connecting e.g. record player and CD player. In addition, your record player must have built-in RIAA or, alternatively, you must buy an RIAA amplifier. You can find a guide for setting up here: Setting up the record player for Lemus HOME

Can the sound from Lemus HOME really adapt to the room?

Yes! With advanced room correction technology, Lemus HOME can adapt to exactly the room you have placed the furniture in. You will experience a much sharper bass and treble after the adaptation. Download our Lemus HOME app for IOS and follow the instructions.

Can Lemus HOME be hung on the wall?

As standard, all of our Lemus HOME sound furniture is made to hang on the wall with the included brackets.

Did you not find the answer to your question?

Do no hesitate to contact us!

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Fantastisk lydoplevelse og smukt møbel

Er ovenud glad for vores nye Classic 1500 som leverer en vanvittig lydoplevelser med dyb bas og så er møbelhåndværket i topkvalitet - kan varmt anbefales