The sound of Lemus HOME

“If you ignore the design virtues for a moment and consider it as a combined set of active wireless speakers, you get a lot of sound for your money. And last but not least, it is all wrapped up in a piece of Danish furniture craftsmanship, which in itself could cost the bulk of the price but here can be considered a free bonus..”

Do you know it when the sound of a speaker embraces you to such an extent that you tend to forget everything around you and just be in the now

Welcome to the Lemus HOME universe and this blog post where I want to go more in depth with the sound system itself in the Lemus HOME Classic. If it already sounds too nerdy, you can sneak in and read this post instead that describes the difference between the three Lemus HOME furniture.

Lemus HOME Classic is characterized by its Nordic minimalist design and not least groundbreaking sound. All our speakers are of Danish design with production and development in Denmark. The sound system has been developed to perfection by the world's leading high-end sound engineers, which means that Lemus HOME brings the future of sound straight into your living room. The sound system is packed with quality and Hi-Fi sound which is usually only found in the top class within Hi-Fi.


The sound behind the furniture

Behind the front of its organic and sustainable substances sits the high-tech Hi-Fi sound system. Although the space does not look like much, there is a built-in compact sound system, which delivers a frequency range -3 dB down to 15 Hz. This is only possible with the use of digital correction in the form of an advanced powerful quad core DSP which straightens the frequency response and fills the room with rich and powerful sound, delivered by the highly efficient 300 watt class D-watt amplifier. The speaker provides a frequency response of 15-25,000 Hz, which gives you a complete sound system where you do not compromise on the extremely deep bass and the crystal clear tones provided by the dome treble. You are guaranteed to be amazed at the Lemus HOME Classic and its sound performance when you get it home in the living room.

Lemus HOME Classic speaker


The sound system contains 4 units equipped with amplifier modules of 150 watts, which in total provides a 4-channel Hi-Fi 300 watt RMS. The speaker is equipped with 2 x 8-inch high-end SB acoustic long-excursion - midrange / bass unit with extra long stroke. In addition, there is a 2 x 1-inch high-end SB acoustics neodymium tweeter, which clarifies the high tones in Lemus HOME Classics wide sound image.

Lemus HOME Classic, lydsystem piktogrammer

The speaker is developed with the market's most advanced quad-core DSP.

Our DSP is so advanced that there is a computer for each channel, which allows us to utilize the speaker to a degree that has never been possible before. The system can be pushed to unnatural limits without the sound being distorted. So we have completely different options for making an exceptional sound quality, compared to passive speakers where you connect an amplifier.


Lemus HOME Classic - lydmøbel rumkorrektion


The whole audio experience can be further enhanced with the advanced Lemus HOME room correction, where you via your smartphone, create the right conditions for your Lemus HOME furniture and your sound experience - no matter what acoustic challenges you may have.

Takes the audio experiences to new heights


Lemus HOME streaming Google Cast, Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, HDMI, WiFi

Not only does the sound from Lemus Home Classic give you goosebumps every time you put on a movie or turn on the music at home in the living room, Lemus HOME furniture also has some of the first combined Hi-Fi sound with modern technology where everything can be controlled via an app on your smartphone.

Lemus HOME Classic is built-in with the following options:

  • Optical / Analog
  • HDMI ARC) 
  • Wi-Fi
  • Spotify-connect
  • Tidal
  • Google Cast Audio
  • Google Cast multiroom) 
  • Apple Airplay 2
  • Bluetooth

In short, Lemus HOME Classic gives you all the options to play exactly the music you want. We would at all times recommend you stream via WiFi using either Google Cast or Airplay 2, as this provides the absolute best audio experience. Here you can even connect the Lemus HOME Classic to your other sound furniture / speakers and thus create a so-called multiroom.

Read here how to get the most out of the multiroom function 

A piece of sound furniture for top marks

Lemus HOME Classic - Audio furniture

With its stylish appearance, Lemus HOME Classic has won 3 Awards for Design, which we are super proud of. With its groundbreaking sound quality, the furniture is a state-of-the-art sound piece of furniture that will adorn any home with its elegant Danish design. Sound and Vision recommends Lemus Home Classic with 6 out of 6 stars - you can read the review right here: TEST: Lemus Home 1500 A piece of furniture with music in it

Not yet convinced? Then I would finally recommend you to read our user reviews on Trustpilot

”I am very happy with my Lemus Home Classic 1500. While it plays absolutely fantastic and really fills the room with sound, it also manages to fit perfectly into my apartment, as if it were an organic stylish piece of furniture. Good experience with delivery, installation and use. In addition, it always gets positive comments on both appearance and sound!”
- Joakim

"I ordered a Lemus Home 150 - and waited in excitement. This is the first time I have ordered a product of this kind without having thoroughly listened to it first. I love their philosophy and agree that time to stop having cable chaos and 6 speakers in the living room. The package came on time, and after unpacking it came to stand inside the living room. Nice nice furniture and the setup went really like a breeze - but as mentioned in the manual just had to find where to put the sound profile in the TV right.
Then a sound came on and what a sound. A lot of bass - in my room maybe even too much and then came the last triumph. Namely the room correction. A measuring round of about 1 min and then a clear lowering of the upper bass and thus the sound fell completely into place. Really unique.
Have heard music - seen fim most of the weekend and am very very happy with it. Can actually only encourage others to try it. I am very impressed with such a "small" company manages to hit so right "
- Per Granly Hansen

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