The advanced room correction gives you a magical listening experience - regardless of the conditions

Room correction

Experience how the listening experience will be significantly improved with a single tap on our Lemus HOME app and you will experience how poor space conditions and acoustic challenges become superfluous in the pursuit of a more vibrant and engaging listening experience.

We are extremely proud of this feature that makes the Lemus HOME collection far more than "just" speakers in a piece of furniture.

Developed in collaboration with the world's leading sound and acoustic engineers, Lemus HOME Room Correction accompanies all our sound furniture. Extremely advanced technology - extremely easy to use via the Lemus HOME app (Only available for iOS).

But what does the Lemus HOME Space Correction do at all?

Lemus HOME Room Correction is primarily designed to help you with room conditions you normally can not do anything about. The primary correction will be bass problems caused by space.

Current housing trends, interior design and the size of the rooms create major acoustic problems that can not normally be rectified.

Lemus HOME Room Correction will analyse the room and make up for huge bass traps - both if there is an intrusive rumbling bass, or if the room stuns the bass.

In both cases, Lemus HOME Room Correction will go in and up or down adjust the bass/midrange and create the perfect sound image in your kitchen family room, living room or bedroom.

Do you have large open spaces, hard floors or high ceilings?

Then Lemus HOME Room Correction will give you a massive improvement in the listening experience in these rooms.

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