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Multiroom for begyndere


What is Multiroom?

Not everyone is fully aware of what the term Multiroom entails - therefore we will go in-depth with what multiroom really is. A Multiroom system is a network of interconnected speakers in the home, which allows you to play music wirelessly throughout your home.

Your speakers and wireless music players can play together in different rooms through your wifi network. By using a simple app, everyone in the home can individually control both music and volume from their smartphone, in different rooms.



How Multiroom works 

Unlike Bluetooth wireless speakers, you get a much better listening experience with Multiroom. The sound neither becomes disturbed or interrupted by text messages nor phone calls. You also do not need to join the connection between your smartphone and the speaker every time you use it.


It's super easy to get started using Multiroom, all you need is your smartphone and a speaker that supports Multiroom. It can e.g., be through AirPlay 2 or Google Cast. The speakers connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi, so all you have to do is set up your speaker for Wi-Fi via e.g., the Google Home app. Once your speakers are connected to your home network, you can create an internal network of speakers that can play together.

You can find all Lemus Home products here:

Read more about setting up Multiroom via Google Home


If you want to use AirPlay 2 to set up Multiroom, then you can follow this guide

Airplay 2


All the sound furniture in the Lemus HOME collection has a Multiroom function through AirPlay 2 and Google Cast. Meaning, that it can be integrated with other Lemus HOME sound furniture in a Multiroom setup or play alone with other speakers with Airplay, Spotify Connect, or Chromecast built-in.

You can thus play different music in different rooms or play the same music throughout the home.

You can stream the music directly from your chosen streaming service, this can for example be from TIDAL, Spotify, Apple Music, Yousee Music, etc.

You can listen to the same song in every room or hear an audiobook in one room, while a family member listens to music in the other.

 Lemus Classic

The smart thing about Multiroom is that it can easily be expanded and create a greater sound experience in your home. You can easily connect the Lemus HOME to other devices - large and small, so you can adjust the sound experience to the room you want. A smaller smart speaker in the bathroom, Lemus HOME in the living room and a completely third speaker in the kitchen - the possibilities are endless with Multiroom.

Multiroom speakers come in many different designs, sizes and product categories.

Multiroom with existing Sonos setup

Do you already have Sonos at home and are a diligent user of the Multiroom function? Then you know how much joy Multiroom can give to the music experiences. Sonos, which is one of the most well-known Multiroom speakers, works with a closed system which means that you usually build your Multiroom setup exclusively consisting of Sonos speakers.

Sonos ConnectBut with Sonos Connect you can easily set up Multiroom with Sonos speakers and Lemus HOME.

You can buy Sonos Connect here


The quality of the audio experience

There is always a big difference in speakers in terms of sound quality. Wireless music has made huge improvements in recent years, so they can catch up with CD quality or Hi-res resolution. Systems like Sonos support CD quality audio streaming whereas Lemus HOME supports hi-res resolution streaming


So always choose a Multiroom speaker based on the given need for the given space. If you need great sound experiences, always look for speakers that support hi-res sound quality.

Lemus Classic

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