When you buy a Lemus HOME, you invest in one piece of sound furniture that lasts for many years. Both the electronics which are Wi-Fi-based and thus can always get the latest software but also the furniture itself.
If you have bought a Lemus HOME in wood, then you have bought a piece of furniture that will only become more beautiful with time. Wooden furniture is made of natural materials and has a natural play of colors, which makes each piece of furniture completely unique - no two Lemus HOMEs are exactly alike, due to vein directions and small knots that are part of the wood's nature. As wood is a natural material, your Lemus HOME will also be affected by use and surroundings. One should therefore be aware of the following:

• Color change can not be avoided in normal use, but there are things you can do to minimize changes. Among other things. you can minimize the wood from direct sunlight, which can cause color changes.

• The indoor climate is also of great importance. During the cold and dry winter months, the tree contracts, where the tree expands during the humid and hot summer period. Therefore, make sure to keep a stable indoor climate of about 20 degrees, a normal humidity of approx. 40-60%, and always avoid having the furniture in unheated rooms.


Maintenance - Wood

NOTE: Have you bought your Lemus HOME in black-stained oak 

Black-stained oak must NOT be sanded. Here we recommend professional treatment, as it must be black-stained.

Of course, your Lemus HOME has already been treated when you receive it, but you must maintain it regularly so that it stays beautiful for the next many years.

Start by cleaning the surfaces. Dirt that is stuck to the surface, and minor scratches, wood fiber that has risen, etc. can advantageously be removed with an abrasive sponge or fine sandpaper. When the furniture is completely dry, apply crude linseed oil, which can be bought in all hardware stores.The oil is applied with a neutral sponge or cloth, with the direction of the veins.

With the vast majority of oil types, you must dry after application to remove excess oil. Here we recommend that you follow the instructions on the product. Especially with pigmented oil, it is important that the oil is applied evenly over the entire furniture, as otherwise stains can occur. Your Lemus HOME must not be sanded heavily and you must pay special attention not to sand corners and close edges. As far as possible only sand the large surfaces. Remember to sand with the wooden oars.


Never apply water or a thin soap mixture to the furniture, as drying afterwards can cause cracks or irregularities. Therefore, never use brown soap or steel wool. Always make sure that your Lemus HOME has no liquid lying around, which dries in and destroys the wood.

Maintenance - Textile

We use sustainable textiles from Danske Gabriel which provides a fascinating interplay of contrasts in the non-directional structure. The fabric is 100% Trevira CSwhich is a polyester material suitable for environments with special requirements for cleaning,with flame retardant properties and are without heavy metals. Our textiles are EU eco-labeled, meet everyoneFurniture facts requirements and is STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX®

A golden rule:

  • Always remove the stain as soon as possible - before it penetrates the fibers.
  • Most types of stains can be removed with lukewarm water, possibly with a pH-neutral dishwashing detergent.
  • Never rub hard to remove a spot.
  • Use only the cleaning methods specified in the spot guide.
  • Always use a clean white cotton cloth with only small amounts of detergent at a time.

Guidance in case of stains:

  • First, absorb as much of the liquid as possible with a regular cloth.
  • Rub gently with a clean white cloth.
  • Press a dry kitchen towel against the fabric each time liquid is added so that moisture and impurities are absorbed.
  • Use clean water without soap for the last wash.

Further guidance from Gabriel here.

* The fabric frames must not be washed in a washing machine or where there is a risk of damaging the fabric or frame.

Maintenance - Linoleum

The natural ingredients and Forbo's special surface finish ensure that the Lemus HOME Piano is naturally antistatic. It offers a number of practical advantages compared to other types of furniture surfaces, as the surface actively resists the formation of static charge, and therefore will be more resistant to dust and dirt.

Lemus HOME Piano always has a matte and natural expression that feels warm and soft. The surface of the Lemus HOME Piano must be cleaned with a damp cloth with a neutral detergent.

Wipe dust off the surface with a dry cloth once a week, and remove surface dirt with a damp cloth. Feel free to wipe the surface in circles to leave the surface asymmetrical if you are using a wet cloth.

Remove stains (ink, coffee, tea, and red wine) immediately to ensure stains do not remain. If the damage has occurred, place a small dab of dishwashing detergent on the stain in a larger area around the stain and scrub the surface with your hand circularly, and wipe the entire surface afterwards. Do not use a colored cloth as this may contaminate. 

Take care of your product

  • Avoid sharp products in contact with the surface, as these may create permanent cracks or scratches.
  • Always put a table protector or similar. under flower vases, TVs or other heavy items placed on top surface.
  • Do not leave anything in the same place on the surface for more than 3 months, as the surface is organic, it will give a little after when you place something on it, but smooth itself out again after a while.
  • If your TV has a small contact surface on its feet, make sure to spread the pressure a little by lying in between.

Occasional maintenance
• The surface should receive linoleum care, eg. Monel, at regular intervals.

• For heavier soiling, use a neutral basic cleaner in the correct solution (eg Forbo Cleaner, which is a degreasing neutral cleaner).
Rinse with clean water. Then apply linoleum care (eg Monel) in the ratio 0.5 dl to 10 I water - or the ready-mixed product in a spray bottle; Linoleum care from Riisfort.

See video guide for maintaining linoleum here