Frequently Asked Questions - Lemus Life

Can Lemus Life be connected to my Lemus HOME furniture 

Lemus Life can not play with Lemus HOME sound furniture but you can connect as many Lemus Life to each other as you want, thus creating fantastic multiroom experiences in your home.

How many Lemus Life can I connect to each other 

You can connect as many Lemus Life to each other as you want, and create great multiroom experiences in your home.

How much range must there be between the connected Lemus Life?

Distance between Master and Follower: + 30m (without obstacles).

Can speaker and light work separately?  

Lemus Life can be used both as a speaker without having the light on, and conversely used as lamps without having the speaker on. Here you simply use the included remote control to control the speaker and light on / off.

What type of bulb can I use in Lemus Life?

Lemus Life is equipped with an E27 socket, which makes it possible to choose exactly the bulb that suits your needs in the home (Max 40watt). Should it be a smart bulb / Wifi bulb so you can control the light via your wifi throughout the home Or should it just be a completely normal bulb The choice is yours. The functionality of the light is determined by your choice of bulb.

You can e.g. use Philips Hue so you can control brightness and colors via Philips Hue.

What devices have been used in Lemus Life?

Lemus Life is built on a 20 watt RMS with 3 long stroke full range 4ohm unit and 0.75 Tweeter 4ohmhm


How to connect one and more Lemus Life

1. Connect Lemus Life to power. Then it turns on automatically. If not, press and hold the Power button down.

2. Point on the Lemus Life with the remote control and press the Pair button (7). Open Bluetooth on your device and select Lemus Life. If a password is required, enter: 5638. You are now ready to play music.

To connect multiple Lemus Life together, one of these must be in Master mode. Point to the selected Lemus Life to be Master and press the Master Mode button (5). Be sure to point directly at the selected Lemus Life (preferably at a short distance) to ensure that you do not hit other Lemus Life devices.

4. Then point to the selected Lemus Life,
there must be Follower, and press the Follower Mode button (6). After this, this Lemus Life will automatically connect to the selected Lemus Life Master. You can connect as many Lemus Life to each other as you want just repeat step 4 and they will automatically connect to the selected Lemus Life Master.

5. Now connect to your Lemus Life Master by repeating step 2. Be sure to point to the selected Lemus Life Master when you press the Pair button.
All your Lemus Life devices are now ready to play music synchronously.



The best place to test your new sound furniture is at home in your own living room.

When you buy sound in a store, you only hear a few songs, or a trailer to demonstrate the TV sound. Most often, you are also presented with what highlights the best of the product. We don't think that's good enough - that's why you always get a 45-day right of return so that you can listen, feel and feel the music from your new sound furniture risk-free before you finally decide.

If it is not the right match, you can exchange it for another color for free or return the sound furniture. We coordinate easy returns and you get your money back.


Shipping and delivery

We offer curbside delivery to all of Europe and delivery is 1-5 business days*

*Reservations are made for factors that are out of Lemus's hands such as e.g. delays with external partners, with customs or the like.

Test risk-free

At Lemus HOME, you always get a 45-day 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year warranty with your purchased product. This means that you can unpack your new Lemus HOME - test and test it - and check whether it meets your expectations. If this is not the case, you can send it back and get your money back.

How do I return?

Contact our support at and we will coordinate collection of your Lemus HOME.

We pay the return freight to Lemus, and we arrange collection at your home, so you don't have to lift a finger.

The product must be packed in original packaging, in the same way as on receipt and taped with transparent packing tape (No use of duct tape or similar).

Does the price include VAT/Taxes for e.g. Norway?

Yes. The price of all orders with a sound furniture included includes VAT and taxes to Norway.

Lemus sends all sound furniture/orders including a sound unit as DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), which means that we have taken care of all costs for customs and other taxes in advance to Norway or shipments outside the EU.

Do you buy accessories separately, such as cables then VAT is not included, so make sure you have everything you need before ordering.

VAT is NOT included on smaller products and accessories such as Lemus Life, Lemus HOME remote, Lemus HOME steel frame and similar.

Can I connect my record player, CD player etc.?

Yes, Lemus HOME can be connected to almost all analogue devices, including your record player, CD player etc. Just remember to purchase our Lemus HOME remote, which is necessary when connecting e.g. record player and CD player. In addition, your record player must have built-in RIAA or, alternatively, you must buy an RIAA amplifier. You can find a guide for setting up here: Setting up the record player for Lemus HOME

Can the sound from Lemus HOME really adapt to the room?

Yes! With advanced room correction technology, Lemus HOME can adapt to exactly the room you have placed the furniture in. You will experience a much sharper bass and treble after the adaptation. Download our Lemus HOME app for IOS and follow the instructions.