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Lemus - The future sound of home

Lemus' version is to integrate sound into the home by creating the perfect balance between design, technology, and quality. Lemus designs and produces quality designs that fill ordinary homes with an extraordinary music experience. However, the modifier is not just the quality design behind Lemus. It is more about Lemus' new revolutionary approach, where sound and technology are not seen, but heard and felt in everyday life.


hifi møbel                                          

Better technology, better design, better integrated sound in the home

The future sound of home is based on a new notion of integrated sound in the home. Lemus has recently, with its newly launched collection Lemus HOME, created a completely new category within integrated sound in the home. Lemus has equipped the collection's sound furniture, with legendary sound quality, where the sound can go all the way down to 15hz. There are not many sound systems in the world that are designed for this. Furthermore, the quality furniture is equipped with the latest streaming services, such as Google Cast, Apple Airplay, and Spotify-connect - you also get HDMI input for easy connection of your TV.


Nordisk og dansk design 

The sound system that goes hand in hand with one's interior design

The future sound of home is based on the notion of Danish quality design coupled with wireless High Definition integrated sound in the home. The sound furniture appears as a Nordic timeless design, where you have deliberately opted out of all the unsightly cable clutter and the many connections that are usually experienced with traditional sound systems and amplifiers.The future sound of home is the effect of the combination of Danish quality design and a wireless High Definition integrated sound in the home.

Read more about the products here: https://lemus-home.dk/collections/lemus-home



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